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Welcome back to students and families for Term 3, and of course a very special welcome to our new families. It has been great walking around the classrooms and seeing everyone settling in so very quickly and getting focused on the work that needs to be done. I have been very impressed.

As always Term 3 is a busy one with lots of activities. As discussed at the assembly yesterday it is a great term to focus on the last lines of the school creed;

‘Alone we do well, but together, we do better’

There are so many opportunities to improve individual performance in order to be a contributing member of a team. The Choir will have performances at Perth Children’s Hospital and Stirk Fest, the School Cross Country team will compete in the School Sport WA State Championships and of course the Faction carnival rewards the individual performances that contributes to team success. There are many ways that students can contribute as part of a team and it doesn’t always involve being the best. In fact, it is more centered around playing your role and contributing to the success of the whole. There is a famous saying that states that ‘A champion team will always beat a team of champions.

I look forward to seeing the exceptional team work develop across the term.


Last Monday the staff took part in a day of professional learning on the 1,2,3 Behaviour Tonics behaviour management program. This program focuses on minimal intervention to correct behaviour whilst also focusing on emotional coaching and ensuring students are clear of the expectations and why. Teachers have began implementing it in the classroom and the yard and thus far it has been received well by the students. It allows us to maintain high expectations of behaviour whilst not having to stop the learning program to deal with disruptions.

Whilst not a huge issue at GHPS, it is great to have a consistent approach to behaviour management where the students are clear of the expectations and can work towards meeting them. The staff behaviour team will be meeting to develop the whole school policy that includes this program that will then go to the School Board for ratification.

Parents are able to view information on the program on the Behavior Tonics website: click here.


It is always interesting to do duty in a different spot and see how the traffic is flowing around the school. Usually I am out near the adventure playground and for the most part it flows reasonably well through the turnaround point, although can get a little scary when parents stop on the other side of the road and gesture for their children to cross the road and get in the car. For the most part, everyone using Huntley Street is usually courteous and patient and this allows traffic to flow reasonably well.

Out on Ledger Road however it is a completely different story….. I was out there earlier this week and must say, as an observer I was nervous so I can only imagine what it is like for drivers, let alone students who are rushing to get into cars so parents don’t hold up traffic. I completely agree that the set-up here is really quite dangerous with cars coming in and out of the driveway, turning right out of Waljerin Road and the pedestrians crossing the driveways and road. To complicate this, I noticed the other day some parents had parked in the driveway waiting for a spot to open up in the ECE carpark.

I have met several times with both the City of Kalamunda and the Department of Education and we are in talks as to how to overcome some of these issues. In the meantime, please observe the traffic rules so that we can avoid an incident before we get it sorted.

As I have said on numerous occasions, traffic and parking issues are not isolated to GHPS, however please try and do the right thing whilst we negotiate the infrastructure changes that can make it a little easier to pick up and drop off your children.



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