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I hope you are all ready for another huge term with lots of events and activities that we know GHPS is legendary for. As I look at the calendar I can see that already we have commenced the Junior Primary In-term swimming, had the Year 3 Camp out and the Languages assembly.

Next week GHPS will host the Interschool Athletics which students have been training for before school and the following Friday the Year 5’s and 6’s will compete in the School Sport WA Triathlon at Champion Lakes. We have the Disco on Friday 1 November and the Instrumental Music assemblies in weeks 4 and 6. Planning for the Lego League Tournament in Week 7 is already in full swing as is preparation for the Music assembly and visit to Perth Children’s Hospital in Week 8. Throw in the grandparent’s morning tea, the ECE Christmas Concert, the Nativity Play, Talent Quest Junior Primary Swimming carnival and we will be in week 10 before you know it.

To round out the term we will farewell our Year 6’s with their graduation and celebrate the year with the awards ceremony before the traditional walk through the arch to end the year. In and amongst this we will have the Science Room and Toilet upgrades completed and hopefully begin work on the STEM outdoor learning area.

Oh and don’t forget the teaching and learning program and Reporting to Parents as well. Be sure to have you Term calendar somewhere handy so you don’t miss out on anything.


Planning is well under way for the Regional First Lego League Tournament that is going to be held at Gooseberry Hill Primary School on Wednesday 27 November. Our student team is making great progress on their Robot design and programming as well as their Project that is targeted at identifying and finding solutions for an environmental issue in the local community. As the theme this year is City Scapes, students need to look at ensuring we have sustainable cities for future generations.

The tournament itself is going to be a huge event and attract a lot of attention from both the local and wider community. This is a Bibbulmun Network initiative, meaning it is supported by all of the schools in our network as we look to develop a strategic approach to STEM and Robotics within our schools.

On the day, there will be 12 other schools from far and wide coming with the winning teams qualifying for the national tournament on 14 December at Curtin University.


Volunteers are going to be needed in a variety of roles. If you wanted to be right amongst the action then official judges and referees need to attend training run by Curtin Uni and can register at the following link.

We are also going to need informal help at a school level in the form of general helpers, guides, first aid and setting up and packing away. The P&C will be providing lunches and other food for potentially 300 visitors to the school during the tournament so there is also going to be help required there. If you are free on this day and would like to help, either click on the link above to register for training and Curtin Uni will facilitate this, or let me know at school and I can put your name down on our volunteers list.


You may or may not have noticed that FESA and the City of Kalamunda carried out a controlled burn to the bush land between the school and the community centre during the holidays. This was part of our Bushfire Risk Assessment and Treatment Plan and we are grateful for the support of both FESA and the City in preparing us for bushfire season.

With the hot weather approaching it is important that we are all bushfire prepared and the school is no exception to this and has a comprehensive Bushfire Plan to manage should the situation arise. The full plan can be found on the website and students will be participating in a drill in the next couple of weeks as part of this. It is also important to note that in the event of a catastrophic bushfire warning, the school will not be open on this day. Procedures for this are outlined in the plan and families will be notified should this situation arise.

Please be sure to have a look at the plan so as to understand what your role as a parent is should an emergency arise. As much as your initial instinct will be to come to the school and collect your child, this is the worst thing you could do as it would impact on our ability to evacuate the students. Hopefully the situation never occurs, however we are confident that our plans will provide a safe response for all staff and students.


It is that time of the year when parents start to consider the needs of their children for the upcoming school year. To that end, I am again providing the opportunity for parents to contact me in writing regarding any special requests for 2020. This must be received by close of business, Friday 1 November to be considered.

As always, this is not an opportunity to request a specific teacher. Firstly, because I have still not finalised where staff will be teaching in 2020 and secondly, it is not a popularity contest as all staff are considered to be capable of providing what is required for the students in their class.

I do however, appreciate that some students may have special circumstances where they may require a particular style of learning environment and therefore parents are able to request that this be taken into consideration. There may also be information that we are not aware of that we need to take into account when placing your child. I cannot promise that I can meet all of the request, as I’m sure you will appreciate placing over 450 students into classes is a monumental task.

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