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Hopefully you have all received an email with your ‘P’ number and have set up your Connect accounts. We are all very excited to be able to start using another form of communication to ensure that we are able to reach everyone with both important information as well as celebrating all of the great things we do daily.

By now you will have noticed that you have access to both a Parents of Gooseberry Hill Primary School space as well as your child/ren’s classes. The School Space will allow us to publish whole school announcements and events, whereby your individual classes will be much more specific.

As with everything new, we are all still learning how to do this so please be patient as we explore the capabilities and uses for this platform. Clearly, as with all technology, some staff are going to be more confident than others, therefore some classes will have more on it than others. As I said to staff yesterday, this is about making our life easier.

Don’t forget to download the Connect Now app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Parents and carers are invited to nominate for one of two positions of Parent Representative on the Gooseberry Hill PS School Board that has become available due to Chris Rogers leaving the school and a second vacant position existing. I would like to express my thanks to Chris for his outstanding contribution to the school community whilst on the Board.

Interested parents should fill in the attached Nomination Form and return it by email to before 4:00pm on Friday 6 March, 2020. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Should there be more nominations received than positions available, a ballot will be held.

Any enquiries about the nomination process should be directed to Matthew Snell, Principal. Roles and Responsibilities of the School Board Members can be viewed here for your information. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the school website.


Please see attached note regarding the Department of Education’s advice regarding the Coronavirus. As a school we continue to follow the advice from our Department as well as reminding all of our students of good hand and respiratory hygiene.




It was very exciting to announce the inaugural winners of our Faction prizes at the assembly last week. There were lots of tokens to tally up which means everyone is demonstrating the school virtues and values. Don’t forget that our expected behaviour code focuses on Respect, Resilience, Excellence, Responsibility and Compassion. Be sure to get caught demonstrating these and you could be the next winner of the ‘Very Special Box’

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