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Can you believe we are nearly at the end of Term 2? It has been one of the most unique and challenging first semesters that I have ever been involved in. However, I would like to personally thank and acknowledge everyone in the GHPS Community; staff, parents and students for their contributions thus far. The support, resilience, patience and just sheer hard work has meant that it has been a successful semester despite the challenges.

With restrictions reducing further as of next week, the School Board met last night and has agreed that the Operating Guidelines that are currently in place, remain for the last week of Term. I anticipate an update from the Department of Education before the end of this week, but given the cleaning is to continue and that it is only one week until holidays, it was unanimously decided to remain as is. This also gives us an opportunity to digest the new operating guidelines and the impact they will have on the school. The current operating Guidelines can be found here.

With this in mind, the Board also completed a Post Crisis Reflection last night to identify the positives that have come from this situation and how we can continue to utilise these forced changes. One of these has been the increased resilience and independence of children due to parents not coming into the classroom before school. We are looking to extend this beyond the COVID pandemic by asking parents to leave all teacher communication to after school and continue to drop off, either at the gate, or the classroom door. This has come about given the feedback from staff that they have been able to achieve so much more in the morning, along with many parents noting how effective and easy it has been to just drop the students off in the mornings. The other spin off from this is the improved traffic conditions. There are many other ideas and activities that we will look to either End, Let Go, Amplify or Restart as we return to normal. A copy of the School Board minutes will be available on the website.

Other areas discussed by the Board last night included;

  • Annual School Report
  • School Financial Position
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment and Treatment Plan
  • Semester One Reporting
  • School Uniform Polo Shirt change
  • School Building Update

Members of the School Board represent the whole school community so be sure to talk to one of them if you have any questions or concerns. A list of current School Board members is also on the website.


I was really touched recently when one of our Year 6 students, Elissa, asked if she could place a container in the front office to collect items for her charity. Upon further discussion with Elissa, she was able to tell me that last year she became really upset after seeing a young girl on the street and realising that she was homeless. Elissa made the decision that she wanted to do something and during the COVID lockdown, she started working on a project. With the support of her mum, Spread the Warmth was born. 

The project encourages local business to host a collection box where community members can donate warm items including blankets, jumpers, gloves, pants, socks and beanies. Elissa will then collect the boxes and take them to Uniting WA to be distributed to those who are homeless.

Elissa and her mum recently appeared in an article in the Echo Newspaper as her charity is really starting to gain momentum across the community.

GHPS is honoured to be a collection point for Spread the Warmth and students and families who wish to donate items can do so by placing them in the box in the front office.


Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Cross Country last week and well done to our individual winners and Mason for being overall winners on the day. It was great to have so many parents and families come and support, whilst still observing social distancing and keeping within our number limits. At this stage, there are no plans to have an Interschool Cross Country, however with restrictions being lifted further as of Saturday, I will ask the question to the network Principals.


It is intended that Semester One Reports will be available on Connect on Monday 29 June. As this is our first time using Connect to distribute them, please be patient and allow the opportunity for some teething problems. Ultimately, we will have them available next week.


As mentioned in the last newsletter, I have submitted another application for a crosswalk on Ledger Road. I have done this the previous two years and both times we have just missed out due to a shortage of numbers or people crossing at different spots.

When the audit is being carried out, it will be important to cross at the crossing point which is currently at the entry point to the admin where I stand with the buses. This means that those who cross down at the intersection of Waljerin will need to walk up to the crossing point. If we were to get a crossing, this would need to be part of the routine anyhow.

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