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It has been an incredible week with so many activities and events happening all over the school. Last week GHPS held the Regional First Lego League Tournament that consisted of 20 teams from 14 schools competing in a Robotics and Innovation Project competition. Students were required to complete an innovation project on a local topic and present it to the judges. They were also required to design and program a robot that would complete a variety of tasks on a game board collecting points.

GHPS entered two teams the ‘Gooseberry Hill Giants’ and the ‘Hills Hornets’ and both competed amazingly on the day. The Gooseberry Hill Giants were awarded 1st Place in Robot Competition and Runner-up in Robot designing, culminating in them coming 3rd overall and gaining advancement to the National Tournament at Curtin University this coming Saturday. We know they will represent us well.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved and a special thanks to Mr Orrell, Mrs Bebbington, Miss Nicholson and Mrs Avila for all their work in setting up the day and coaching the teams. Thanks also to Christine O’Brien for catering and to all of our parents who volunteered in official capacity as a Judge, Referee or General Helper.


Once again we were treated to a talent spectacular when Mrs O’Reilly coordinated the Music Assembly last Friday. Ably assisted by Miss Lowe and many other staff, we saw over 200 students perform a range of musical acts that were both engaging and full of talent. I am never, not amazed by the calibre of talent that is on display.

Congratulations to everyone involved and a huge thanks to Mrs O’Reilly, Miss Lowe and the rest of the staff for bringing it all together.


Last Friday was a hugely exciting afternoon, full of fun and colour, as all staff and students took part in the Run for Colour run. Well done to the P&C, in particular Melissa Duxbury and Elizabeth Williams, for coordinating such a great event. I believe that the P&C raised nearly $10,000 which will go a long way to paying for a Crosswalk attendant next year.


We have finally reached that time of the year where we are able to start to think about the magic of Christmas and look forward to some special time with our families. For some of you it may include welcoming back or visiting family members from Eastern Australia, which I’m sure will be very special.

Before the end of the year we are excited to be able to spread the joy of Christmas, with our ECE and Nativity plays this week and our Awards Night next week, which will include carols by the Junior Choir before, and Senior Choir after.

We look forward to sharing this special time of the year with you.


As informed and discussed throughout the year, in 2021 a new polo shirt will be availablefrom Lowes. The design was changed following considerable consultation with members of the staff, P&C, School Board and Lowes.

The new design is a more modern polycotton blend with green panels down the side and in the sleeve (as pictured), and will be available in Lowes before the start of the next school year. There will be a 12 to 18 month phasing out of the old polos.


Staff are currently working on formulating the class lists, including a range of requests and recommendations, to ensure that students are placed in the best possible learning environment for next year. As you can appreciate, this is an extremely complicated process with many factors to consider. I am confident with the knowledge that staff have of each of their students they will manage this well as they always do.

Class lists will be displayed at the beginning of next year along with an outline of the operating procedures that we will need to consider to remain COVID Safe. This will be discussed at the School Board meeting tomorrow night, but will more than likely be a continuation of the current procedures. As this includes no parents in the classroom before school, we will need to consider the best way to deliver and collect booklists and stationary.

Currently, staff have been allocated to the following classrooms.


As mentioned in the last newsletter, construction on the new Kiss and Drive on Ledger Road is due to begin before the end of the year. Due to some previous concern over the Ledger Road reserve, the Department of Education, City of Kalamunda and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has asked that the following information be communicated to the school community.

  • The site is being developed to provide much needed additional student drop off and pick up facilities for Gooseberry Hill Primary School.  This will increase student safety and improve traffic flow in surrounding streets at peak school times.   
  • Any existing trees / vegetation being removed to accommodate the new development shall be replaced or relocated on site, in consultation with the City of Kalamunda.
  • All asbestos containing material (ACM) will be carefully removed from the site by a licensed contractor and in accordance with relevant regulations. 
  • Control air quality monitoring will be undertaken throughout the ACM removal process.
  • All ACM leaving site will be double bagged or securely wrapped in compliant sheeting in accordance with waste transportation requirements.
  • During the work, nearby residents should plan to go about their day as usual on the basis that site activities will be proactively managed.

Plans and detailed information about the design can be discussed with me directly.

Matthew Snell

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