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It was great to see everyone at the K – 3 parent evening last night. I look forward to seeing the Year 4-6 parents tomorrow. This is an important event on the school calendar as not only is it a rare opportunity for me to address the parent body, it is an important part of understanding the practices within the classroom and establishing strong communication with the classroom teacher. As I said in my address, good communication is crucial to the success of your child/ren.  If there is an issue or concern, or even if there is a point that needs clarification, a quick email to your classroom teacher will most likely reassure you or solve the issue. Communication is a two-way street, so just as I ask staff to ensure parents are informed about the goings on in the classroom, it is also important that parents communicate anything that they think may have an impact on the child. With all this said, we do have great communication traditionally, but this is always a good opportunity to re-iterate its importance.

Another point of discussion was the change to the school timetable whereby we now have first lunch at 11:00am and second lunch at 1:30pm. Children are released from class to play for the first 20 minutes of each break and return to sit and eat when the 20 minute siren sounds. It has worked well these first few weeks with some students deciding they cannot wait to eat so choosing to do this first.  The canteen will have lunch orders ready at 11:15am and students will collect these supervised by staff. Window sales from the canteen will be from 1:30pm. Christine has information about ordering from the QuickCliq website.  In discussing this with staff, it has become apparent that our Crunch & Sip program is now more relevant than ever as it allows students to snack during the morning session. Please provide vegetables or fruit that students can graze on whilst in class to stop them from becoming overly hungry.

I also mentioned the implementation of the 2021/23 School Business Plan. In 2020 we spent a lot of time reflecting and reviewing our practice with both staff and parents via the School Board, the common theme that continued to arise was the need to ensure that we maintain the balance between our extra-curricular and specialists experiences and our academic excellence and rigour. Within this we also looked upon our Vision and Values and our school moto to ascertain the relevance to GHPS in 2021 and beyond. We came to the conclusion that the moto – SEEK WISDOM – is indeed relevant and can indeed be seen as our ultimate purpose. The full 2021/2023 Business Plan will be published before the end of the term and once ratified by the Board, but as a sneak preview I can tell you that the main focus of the plan will be to Seek Wisdom through Excellence and Experience. I am excited about leading the school into the future.


The school will close at 11:30am on Thursday 4 March to allow for all parents to meet individually with staff and discuss their child/ren. Teachers will make an interview schedule available with 10 -15 minute time slots for each child between 12:00pm and 5:00pm.  We ask that all parents make a time to discuss their child as this will outline individual needs and also give an opportunity to discuss any areas of concern.


You may have noticed that the new Kiss & Drive is now open and some parents have started using this. Please be patient while we establish some rules to keep everything flowing and our students safe.

Three simple points may be all we need:


With regard to the other traffic movement in the area, please do not stop or park in the driveway adjacent to the Kiss & Drive exit. This is a major safety hazard as it creates blind spots where students cannot be seen as they try and use the crosswalk. We all have a responsibility to keep our kids safe and I would hate for an accident to occur due to someone being careless or impatient.

Matthew Snell

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