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Thank you to everyone who completed the parent survey. We had 146 responses which is outstanding and gives us a really good indication of parent satisfaction. All of the feedback received is useful. I really appreciate some of the constructive suggestions as to how we can do things better.

The School Administration will look through the survey now and work with staff to formulate adjustments to the way we do things where it is possible. I will also take the survey to the School Board to review at the next meeting on Tuesday 25 May. The School Board act as the parent and community voice, so please make sure you know who these people are who represent you. The Board will also be asked to ratify the Good Standing Policy as well as review its own effectiveness and future strategic direction in support of the Business Plan.

All Board meeting minutes are available on the school website.


Students have finally been let loose on the new Nature Playground in the Year 2 area. Whilst it is restricted to Year 2s at recess and lunch, it has been great to see other classes on it during the day and children utilising it after school.

Thank you to the P&C for funding this project and to Justine Burns for donating her time and expertise in designing the playground and working with the company during the installation. Thank you also to Mrs Elsegood for managing the project.


It has been a very busy two weeks with Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN taking place within the school. I have been very impressed by the low key approach to this testing by staff and students. Perhaps this has been due to the super organisation by Ms Archdall and the preparation of the students by the staff. I also believe the fact that parents have not put pressure on students regarding these tests, makes a huge difference to ensuring everyone is calm in their approach. The results to these tests will be available later in the year and I’m sure we will analyse them to determine the effectiveness of our teaching programs and make the appropriate recommendations. NAPLAN is just one of the many data sources that we use to inform school improvement and planning.

I was super excited yesterday when I walked into the Brooks room to see Mr Orrell conducting a science experiment where he was making a pH indicator from red cabbage. The engagement of the students was evident as he blended the cabbage and tested it on a variety of acidic and alkaline substances, all the while explaining to the students what was happening and relating back to previous scientific knowledge about chemical and physical changes. The excitement was hard to contain as the substances magically changed colour when the cabbage solution was added to the ooohhhs and aaahhs of the students. It was fabulous to watch this learning take place.

Mrs Eslegood also accompanied the Pre-Primary students on a scientific journey as they went out into the community for their Autumn walk. Students gathered different leaves from trees, while staff explained why some trees drop their leaves and others don’t.  Something as simple as a walk led to an engaging and exciting lesson on deciduous trees and the characteristics and similarities of their leaves.

Seeing these things happening in the school has me excited to get into more classrooms over the coming weeks and watch the wonderful and exciting things that are going on. Watch this space for more outstanding displays of quality teaching next newsletter.

Matthew Snell

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