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Last night the School Board met for our Term Two meeting. The Board has been involved in strong consultation regarding the Business Plan for 2021 – 2023 and continued to provide counsel for this last night. As part of this, the Board is currently undertaking a self-review and looking to identify areas that it can focus on in order to support the implementation of the Business Plan and current school direction. Part of this is continuing to find a way to increase the profile of the Board and its contribution to the school. The Board consists of Staff, Parents and Community Members, all of whom are committed to making GHPS a very effective school.

One of the items that was discussed was the Good Standing Policy that was ratified by the Board and will be implemented with the Year Five and Six students effective immediately. Staff will discuss the policy and how it works with the students and also make parents aware of how it will be brought into effect. This policy is designed to create a clear process for students who consistently do not meet school expectations with regard to behaviour, attendance, uniform, academic performance and the use of mobile phones. Students and parents will be informed of loss of good standing and the potential to not be included in extra-curricular activities such as camps, interschool carnivals and school performances. This policy will be reviewed in Term Four. 

The Board also discussed the results of the parent survey and the staff audit into activities and events within the school and supported the decision to make some changes to the school calendar in Semester Two. This will include some reduction in events toward the end of the year to reduce the pressure on families and staff in what has been identified as a hectic time. The official Semester Two calendar will be released with the next newsletter. It is important to note that all changes have been made due to an extensive consultation process with all stakeholders. 


Over the past fortnight I have been visiting classes to see the wonderful learning that is taking place.

The Year sixes have been making videos in Languages, introducing themselves and telling the class about their favourite sports and activities.  Most impressively, they have done all of this in Indonesian. It was a great example of the use of technology across the curriculum and the engagement of students in the activity was clearly evident.

Mr McNeil’s Year Fours treated me to a Science lesson on endothermic reactions. After discussing what they thought would happen, and making a prediction, the students tested what effect rock salt, epsom salt and no salt would have on ice. As a special twist, the substance placed within the salt to conduct the test, turned into ice-cream!


The Year Ones were busy making playdough when I went to see them and then stretching, bending, rolling and squashing it. They were preparing to do some writing on what had happened, but were very excited to show me the playdough and tell me what they had done. I believe they were adding colour next.

Miss Chad invited me into her class to read the narrative writing that her class had been working on. I could not believe that I was reading stories written by Year One and Two students. I was very impressed with the imagination of the stories, but even more so by the use of vocabulary and adjectives to make the stories interesting and exciting.

It has been great getting into the classes and I look forward to seeing more wonderful activities and learning over the next fortnight. I even went and helped Mrs O’Reilly with the choir and saw the first two songs for the Crown performance. I am very excited to go and have a look this Thursday after school and see the progress that has been made following the workshop on Sunday.

Matthew Snell

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