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A group of Year 5s were invited to a Student Leadership Day coordinated by the City of Kalamunda on 26 May at the Kalamunda PAC. It was a fantastic opportunity for our aspiring leaders to participate in a range of activities with students from other schools as well as hearing from some guest speakers. This networking and mentoring opportunity was a very valuable experience for our students.

The day was concluded with students presenting to City of Kalamunda Councillors the ideas they had developed in their group session.


As discussed at the School Board and P&C meetings over the past two weeks, following an extensive review and consultative process, there has been some decisions made to adjust the school calendar to alleviate some off the pressure that has been identified by families and staff. There was particular reference to the end of the year, but it was identified that there were other pressure points as well.

Due to having a significant impact on the time taken away from the teaching and learning program, there will be no;

  • Junior Swimming Carnival
  • Nativity Play
  • Year Book
  • Talent Quest
  • Trashion Show
  • Dance-a- thon


  • The Kindy / Pre-Primary Orientation Day will be on the same day as the Year 6 Orientation Day at KSHS to allow for all students to go up a grade on that day.
  • The Presentation evening will be in the 2020 format – Junior Choir before, presentations, Senior Choir to finish.
  • Curriculum based ‘Special Days’ will be completed by recess where possible.
  • Open Night on a Thursday night to allow staff to prepare during week.
  • New activities and events to follow a consultative process to consider impact on learning program.
  • P&C events to be highlighted on calendar i.e. Disco, Run 4 Colour, Mother’s / Father’s Day events.

Staff have also had discussions around the curriculum and how we can best measure the effectiveness of the programs we use. The next three years will focus on building excellence in this area as outlined in the Business Plan, whilst maintaining the balance with the experience side of school which is important to GHPS.


It was with great delight that I received official notification that the funding for the Keene Undercover Area has been approved. This as part of an election promise from Matthew Hughes and the Labour Government.

We are very excited to start the process, so that we can have it installed and ready to go for the end of this year.


It is that time of the year when our Year 6 students find out if they have been successful in their applications for high school scholarships. I was very happy to hear that Olive, has been awarded the Gabrielle Marchesi Memorial Scholarship at St Brigid’s College. This is a three-year scholarship and only four are given by the school.

Olive joined us last year and has seamlessly settled into our school and we know she has a big future ahead of her. We are very proud of Olive and look forward to seeing her continue to excel in high school.


With Ms Dartnall going on Parental Leave for the remainder of the year, we are very happy that Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell will be teaching in Room 11 on Thursdays and Fridays beginning Term 3. Mrs Mitchell has been with us since the start of the year working in Room 8 on Wednesdays where she will also continue. This gives us a great opportunity to ensure a smooth handover.


Once again, I have been fortunate enough to get around to several classrooms and witness the awesome learning that is taking place.

Room 4 were very excited to share with me their Talk 4 Writing persuasive text on why they should be allowed to have a pet dragon. After hearing the very persuasive and extremely valid reasoning, I was compelled to allow them to get a pet dragon. I am having a little trouble sourcing one however, as it would appear they are harder to come across than Hagrid would have led us to believe!

Room 10 have been busily designing Football Jumpers as part the ‘Design a Jumper’ competition run by the WA Football Commission. I was given the very important task of selecting two designs that would be sent to the WAFC to be judged and potentially produced if they were selected. I was really impressed by the research that had gone into the designs with lots of reference to the Zig Zag and the school purpose of Seek Wisdom, as well as the inclusion of some indigenous art work which was great given we have just celebrated the Sir Doug Nichols round in the AFL. The winning two designs were from Ava and Chloe. We look forward to seeing if they win.

Room 3 invited me down this week to see them making paper mache bowls as part of their science. The students have been studying materials and mixtures and were investigating what was happening when they mixed the glue and water with the paper and reshaped it. There were a variety of techniques being used in and amongst the excitement, but I did note that those that were more patient and were reforming their bowl one piece at a time, were having much more success.  I look forward to seeing the finished products.

Yesterday I had a very special visit by some Pre-Primary students who had been doing some writing on their super power. Not only was it amazing independent writing with the correct spacing and letter formation, but the powers included strength, kindness, being fast and giving love. What wonderful powers to have!

I also visited Room 12 and gave them their 30 minutes of free time for winning the class reward for the most faction points this fortnight. Unfortunately, the weather was a little too cold and wet to get outside like we would normal do, but the students did enjoy some free drawing nonetheless.

Matthew Snell

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