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As announced yesterday via Connect, the current lockdown has had implications with regard to planned activities and events. Due to these restrictions the following events and activities will not go ahead this week:

  • Year 3/4 Soccer and Netball Carnival
  • Year 6 Bike Ride
  • Choir – Thursday after school
  • Pizza Lunch – Friday
  • Environmental Day

Staff will continue to follow the regular learning program for the remainder of the term.

Parents are allowed on site to drop off and pick up students, but are asked to abide by mask wearing rules and observe social distancing. We ask that you leave promptly at the end of the day and do not stay and play on playgrounds for the remainder of the term.

Hopefully this is a short term arrangement and things can return to normal at the beginning of Term 3. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school on 9257 4600 or if you have questions or concerns.


Congratulations to Conor  in Year 6 who has recently been awarded the Edmund Rice Bursary at Trinity College. This is an amazing opportunity for Conor and we are confident he will go well as he moves through high school. We look forward to hearing wonderful things about him in the future.


As stated in the last newsletter, Ms Dartnall will be going on Parental Leave for the remainder of the year, and therefore Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell will be teaching in Room 11 on Thursdays and Fridays beginning Term 3. Mrs Mitchell has been with us since the start of the year, working in Room 8 on Wednesdays where she will also continue.

We are also sad to farewell Mrs Bosley who has been in Room 7 on Mondays, but very excited to welcome Mrs Le Blanc back from extended leave. We thank Mrs Bosley for making Mondays wonderful for Room 7 and we are hopeful we will still have her here in a relief capacity in Semester 2.

Ms Dunlop is also accessing leave for Term 3. Mrs Lexi Keller, who has been teaching Indonesian for the past two weeks will be replacing her. Mrs Keller will be in Room 10 on Friday with Ms Dunlop to ensure a smooth handover.  


On a cold winter’s day last week, I happened to stumble across Ms Saville and one of the Kindy classes sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows. I was lucky enough to be able to join in the fun and gain some warmth from the smouldering fire. Unlike the Kindy children, I wasn’t lucky enough to get a ride in Mr John’s tractor. Something about me being too big….

The Year 5s and 6s in Brooks were busy working through a Math Investigation called Petrol is Pricey. The investigation had them comparing the cost of a litre of petrol to other common liquids to determine just how pricey it is. I was informed by several students that a litre of Scorpion Venom was much more costly, but putting this information into a graph was creating some issues.

Room 7 were busy learning about Numbats when I went in there on Monday, with Mrs Bosley sharing with them some of her knowledge gained whilst working at the Perth Zoo.  I didn’t realise there was only about 1000 Numbats left in the wild. Hopefully this knowledge allows our students to become more aware of the need to protect the habitats of our endangered animals.

It was great to see everyone wearing their best uniforms, with hair nicely done, and even some fresh cuts for the school photos last week. Feedback from the photographers was all positive, so thank you for the good behaviour. I nearly managed to sneak into some family photos due to some reluctant little brothers. Fortunately for those families, they didn’t need me in the end.

On Friday I accompanied the Interschool Cross Country team to the carnival and once again I was very proud to be associated with GHPS. Along with winning the Champion School Shield, our behaviour and effort was outstanding. Well done to all the students who competed, and congratulations to those who won medals. A big thank you to Mr Caddy for his training of the squad, and all the other staff who have been encouraging the students to get out and run the cross country track for morning fitness since the start of term. I believe this has a big impact on our success.

Matthew Snell

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