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I trust that everyone had a relaxing break and is refreshed and ready for Semester 2. On Monday, all staff met to go over the school plans and programs for the upcoming School Review in September. It was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the past three years as to the progress we have made and develop plans to project us into the future. Among some of the important factors to consider was the feedback from staff and parents from the surveys. There was some really good alignment in the feedback and we are really excited about the next three years and what success this will bring.

A range of documents have been developed and are now ready for publication including the 2021 -23 School Business Plan, Priorities 2021 -2023 and new school Vision. These are the pathway to success that will ensure GHPS stays at the top of its game. The Priorities document in particular, is an attempt to visually represent our intent to strike the balance between Excellence and Experience.  This is where we continue to offer a range of wonderful experiences that provide the opportunities for success outside of the classroom, while still ensuring we are reviewing academic data and providing an excellent teaching and learning program.

All documents can now be viewed on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any of these.


Thank you to all of the people who asked me to nominate staff for the WA Education Awards. There were many staff whom I received positive feedback about, which consolidates the fact that we have great staff here at GHPS and that our parents appreciate the work that they do.

I would like to congratulate Mrs O’Reilly and Mrs Marsh on their formal nomination for WA Primary Teacher of the Year. These nominations have been completed due to a large number of requests. I am hopeful that they will progress to the next round and potentially become finalists.


With the return of Term 3 and the wet weather, there was an incident yesterday at the entry to Pre-Primary where two students were nearly hit by a car exiting the carpark. Whilst there is a second crosswalk there, it would appear that the car leaving was blindsided by another vehicle that had stopped just inside the entry. We are very fortunate that this incident didn’t result in injury or worse. Please be careful when entering and exiting the school as children who walk or ride to school will often be crossing in these areas.

We are in the process of getting a Crossing Guard for higher up on Ledger Road and installing speed humps near the zebra crossings in the early childhood area, however none of this is a substitute for caution.

Please consider the safety of our children when driving in and around the school and please do not abuse staff when they ask you not to park or wait in certain areas.


Unfortunately, there were some students, or ex-students who thought the school grounds was a good place to ride their bikes and hang around during the holidays. I know who some of these young people are, and am very disappointed to hear that they were quite rude to Mr John, when he asked them to go and ride their bikes somewhere else. I know some of their families would also be disappointed in their behaviour.

The school grounds are not public property, and whilst many people use it as a thoroughfare, we ask that unless you have permission, that you do not enter the grounds after hours. Club training and other activities must be signed off with an agreement from myself in accordance with Department policy.

We are very fortunate that we do not have a large fence around the school, however ongoing vandalism, or anti-social behaviour could lead to this in future. If your children are riding their bikes around Gooseberry Hill after hours or during the holidays, please remind them that they are not to come and hang around at the school. Mr John does not deserve that kind of abuse!

Matthew Snell

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